A Rewarding Profession in Travel and Tourism Industry

In present days the global travel and tourism industry is flourishing. The volume of home as well as international travelers have more than tripled. The travel and tourism industry makes up about more than $1000 billion which is expected to increase by 200% in next five years.

Travel and tourism also in a significant way plays a part in the market indirectly through its relationship with other industries such as horticulture, agriculture, handicrafts, and engineering.

Job in Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is United States’ 2nd most significant service export industry, 3rd major trade industry and one of the major employment providers. There are many courses available that will help you become an integral part of this sector.

If you want to connect to people, happen to be various places and become an integral part of the service industry, a career in travel and tourism is well suited for you. You could choose to become a travel agent, guide, travel, and tourism manager, travel operator, excursion travel guide, flight service staff etc.

You could either become a member of a diploma or a certificate course in travel and tourism. You are able to choose a Travel Agent Certificate program, Head to operator Certificate course, Air travel Certificate course, Cruise trip Line Documentation course, Hospitality programs, Tourism Management etc.

What will you learn?

One will need a good business sense to maintain the travel industry. A course in travel and tourism will educate you on all areas of becoming an efficient travel professional. A number of the topics needs to covers are Country wide and International Flights, Sail Lines, Railway Reservations and travel, Lodging & Accommodations, Head to packages, Fare, and booking structures, About various Destinations, Quality Management, Job Supervision, Basic principles of Travel and Tourism Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Strategies.

Various careers opportunities can be found within the general public and private areas. In the general public sector, you will be employed with travel and tourism section or directorates. A whole lot of interesting opportunities are available to the private sector like Airlines, Travels Operators, Travel Companies, Hotels etc.


Job Information for Various Sectors

Tourism Department: In the travel and tourism department, employment is available in reservations, counter personnel, marketing and sales, head to planners and guides. One can even be with the directorates and team of tourism. You can be engaged with the look and campaign of travel and tourism activities.

Airlines: Airlines give a glamorous and satisfying job option. You’ll find a job as Traffic Controller, Reservation Personnel, Bookings Director, Air hostesses & Stewarts, Sales and Marketing staff etc.

Travel Agencies: Travel Organizations use agents to market tour deals. They finance for travel, accommodations, money conversions, finances, special needs, places of interest and planning. Tour providers organize travels to the many tourist places and manage the travel and stay of the travelers.

Hotel Industry: One will discover adequate opportunities within the hotel industry in a variety of departments. You will be an integral part of Procedures, Front-office, House-keeping, Accounting, Maintenance, PR and so many more interesting departments.

Transport: Besides Airlines, the journey includes rail services and rent a car company. Transport includes air, street, railways, and sea. Job account for individuals used with rail and street move includes planning, chalking out the travel program, determining costs, planning accommodation and other facilities like food and entertainment.

Careers in the travel and tourism industry offer good remuneration and benefits, such as free travel for employees and their own families. Salaries may differ with regards to the industry and are higher in overseas airlines and organizations.

If you want traveling and also have the capability to mingle well with people, travel and tourism industry may take you places!


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