Dedication sees changes to the Greater

Thus much has changed from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital because then largely for the best!

For its first couple of decades, we held yearly open meetings that were well attended with most, but not all, patients. We conducted an extremely successful pilot project supplying human advocacy about the older Ward 5 “ a part of their current highly regarded person advocacy group at the hospital. And we provided individual advocacy to individuals moving from long-term hospital care to the neighborhood at the late 1990’s, a procedure that was recorded in the book from 2009 of the leaflet Stories of Changing Lives’.

We began to try to find different methods to reach from individuals at the clinic, such as drop-ins within our workplaces and at the Church Centre. We finally settled on holding collective advocacy meetings around the wards. This notion was at the Orchard Clinic and also we finally cover most of the rehabilitation and acute wards such as IPCU; both Eden and also Comiston wards for elderly individuals, along with CAMHS Tier 4 providers.

I began as a part time admin employee and slowly improved to development function, originally with elderly and younger individuals, but currently working together with individuals on acute and rehabilitation. Wards too. I truly like the job. It has been a chance to meet many incredible people through the years: staff, patients, and particularly the extraordinary volunteers who operate the Physicians’ Council and provide a lot of hours of outstanding work which makes a difference to many lives.

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