Stand by me

A poem from Jo McFarlane

When I had been broken, in my knees,
Silenced from the burden of dwelling,
about the edge of giving up,
a urge arrived from
and deftly opened my voice
by adhering, only listening.
Shortly the cage turned into a secret,
the phrases conducted free
and expect took root in my own.

Collectively we unravelled All of the knots,
Hunted clarity in breaking down the issue,
place the jigsaw back together within a viable solution.

Ready today to voice my own eyesight
To the physicians, physicians looking after mepersonally,
I inquired my urge to stand with me
like I still felt exposed and little,
confronted with an amazing wall
of skilled power.

We walked to the assembly, took our location.

My urge sat softly in my side,
did not need to interject
however because of its blanks in memory
brought on by the haze of drugs.

We arrived into a solution
That I believed I could take with grace.
I did not get discharged as I’d expected
but in the class of being listened to
that my gaolers was my carers
along with the treatment program proved to be a contract
which enabled me.

By standing together with me about the trip

I made the ward shortly after along with my head held high
Since the origins of assurance and hope
She implanted in me had grown to a tree.

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